5 Steps to Initiate Business Automation

Do you feel your resources are buried under paperwork and hierarchy? Do you spend a lot of time finding the internal data you need? Do you wish you could fasten recurring tasks and processes?

You may be undergoing unnecessary workload and pressure due to an un-automated workflow. Automating your business is definitely a Must to keep up with the speed of the market evolution. It’s either automating your business or getting automated out.

Automating is not just about getting things done in the easiest way, it’s more about gaining in time, costs and energy. Based on an interesting talk at Madexon on implementing automating solutions in companies, we summarized our ideas in 5 Steps.

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Votre site est-il mobile-friendly?

Depuis le 21 Avril, Google a annoncé avoir adapté ses algorithmes de recherche afin de favoriser les sites adaptés aux mobiles (mobile-friendly). Ce changement va impacter le classement d’un nombre considérable de sites web qui ne sont pas compatibles avec les terminaux mobiles.

Dorénavant, les algorithmes de recherche vont afficher les sites web mobile-friendly en tête de classement des suggestions de Google Search. Ceci permettra aux utilisateurs de mobiles d’accéder en priorité à des sites internet de qualité et compatibles avec leurs appareils.

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